Full & Partial Dentures

Dentures are a fake or prosthetic tooth used to replace teeth which are missing due to periodontal disease, decay, injury or several motives. Dentures can be installed as complete dentures or partial dentures, which may be fixed or removable. Dr Amy is experienced in all types of dentures from complete to partial and all are done in house from her Thousand Oaks practice. Advantages provided by a fresh set of dentures may include improvement of the wearer’s self confidence and capability to interact and socialize with others. They make it more easy to discuss and pronounce words clearly. Dentures allow the wearer eat a variety of foods they could not before because they were kept by missing teeth from having the ability to chew their food completely.

Dentures restore construction by filling in space to the face where cheeks have failed inwards due to missing teeth. It’s estimated that 30 to 40 million Americans wear dentures. As much as one in four elderly Americans have lost all their teeth. When all the teeth are missing from an arch a whole set of dentures is used. The entire set is made to look exactly like regular tooth in someone’s mouth. After Dr Amy does any needed extractions forms are made to ensure precision fit into the patient’s mouth. The first impressions are made from the ridges of mandibular arch or the patient’s maxillary arch.

Subsequently, added, more in-depth impressions are made. Eventually, the occlusion is checked by Dr Amy, when the jaw is closed or the way the top and lower arches match together. In case of dentures that were complete, the plastic foundation is coloured to match the colour of healthful gums. A seal which is formed with the wearer’s gums holds in place the foundation. In case of the lower full dentures, from two to four of dental implants may be surgically inserted into the lower jaw to offer added support. The implants allow for better mastication and language that is clearer and reduce the threat of the lower denture slipping out of position.

A partial denture is called a bridge since it bridges the difference between the teeth that were remaining. A partial set of dentures may be fixed on both sides of the missing tooth or teeth by fitting jacket crowns on the tooth in the mouth, and filling the space with a false tooth made to look like the ones next to them. A bridge usually starts with a metal framework that is powerful, but a plastic bridge may be utilized in the case of a crisis. A removable partial denture may be utilized by patients who don’t have teeth that were adjoining to act as a support for the bridge.  Dr Amy is a professional in the design and manufacture of complete and partial dentures. She will help restore a satisfactory and healthy lifestyle by fitting patients with the dentures that are best suited for them. Call Dr Amy today to book your consultation for partial for full dentures.