• "I have gaps between my teeth and have always been self-conscious... I went to see Dr Amy for an Invisalign consultation & after a lifetime of not smiling I'm on my way to a straight smile with Invisalign!"
    Jenny Pilbin
  • "Years of smoking and enjoying red wine left my teeth stained. Dr Amy was able to significantly brighten and whiten my teeth. Thank you Dr Amy!"
    Tony Whitter
  • “So absolutely satisfied with this place! Got a teeth whitening with Dr.Nabi and I could not be more happy and confident. Such friendly staff and such a clean get together office, I wouldn't be happy to go anywhere else after visiting Dr.Nabi!”
    Mina S.
  • "Dr. Amy's Dental is the best dental service around the area and the best dental work I've experienced!"
    Josue Delgadillo
  • "Overall a very pleasant experience with Dr. Nabi. Dr. Nabi was very welcoming. The office including exam rooms was very clean and the staff was helpful. I am very satisfied with the services I received and feel Dr. Nabi genuinely cares about my dental health."
    Jeremy G.

    "I hate the dentist but Dr Amy put me at ease and I could not be happier with my dental implant."

    Anthony Richards
  • Fixing Chipped Teeth
    I have a fear of the dentist and Dr. Amy put me at ease, explained everything she was doing and did a great job to ease my dental anxiety. I avoided the dentist for years due to my dental anxiety and so glad to now have Dr. Amy helping to correct years of neglect.
    Frank William
  • Fixing Chipped Teeth
    The atmosphere is always friendly and relaxed, and Dr. Amy and staff are very competent, thorough, and quietly efficient, yet take the time to respond to any questions. I fully recommend Dr. Amy's dental office, having been a patient there for several years already.
    Johanne Zell
  • I visited Dr Amy lat week and was impressed by the low wait time and the expertness of Dr Amy
    Patrick Martin
  • Great service and very attentive, very happy to a found such a knowledgeable dentist.
    Bryan Abrams