Tooth Extraction

What happens during a tooth extraction?

A tooth extraction is the procedure where Dr Amy will remove teeth or a tooth out of your mouth. Most processes are finished without distress to the patient and in a prompt manner.

What’s the procedure? First, you will be given a comprehensive evaluation by Dr. Amy and she may even take some X-rays so she’s able to assess the precise scenario. To allow Dr. Amy the chance to answer any/all questions fully, you should describe in detail which region of the mouth is giving you difficulties. There are various reasons for having a tooth extraction and Dr. Amy needs as much info as possible about your state to provide the best care. Second of all, once it’s been discovered that extraction is needed, Dr. Amy will need to numb the tooth so that it can be removed.

No major pain is caused by numbing the area (by injection). After several minutes, the region encompassing the tooth and the tooth will be numb and will not have any feeling. Ultimately, Dr. Amy uses two tools: forceps and a lift. A lift can be used to loosen the tooth from its socket and remove it from the mouth, and the forceps are utilized to catch the tooth. Often, the process only lasts several minutes and the tooth that is unhealthy is readily removed. Dr. Amy will place some gauze where the tooth was because you might experience some light bleeding promptly following the process once the tooth is removed.

Sometimes a tooth may be infected or rotted and must be removed. Contamination or decay may cause distress and intense pain, making it hard to eat, drink or perform day-to-day functions. An infected tooth may cause serious health problems and should never be left untreated. It is necessary to consult with a dentist promptly if you’re experiencing pain in one or multiple teeth. Gum disease could possibly require an extraction to treat the disorder and might create issues with the entire structure of your jaw. Impacted wisdom teeth can grow to influence other teeth and may cause pain. Removing the wisdom tooth will give you adequate room for the other teeth to grow correctly. There’s a possibility for radiation to cause harm to your teeth if you’re receiving radiation treatment.  

Relieving acute pain and preventing serious health problems associated with illness or oral disease are some of the advantages of extraction. You can recover the ability to perform your normal day-to-day functions like drinking, eating and talking. Extraction restores your grin and brings back the natural healthy look. It also enhances the long term well-being and functions of the mouth area. Dr. Amy can help you care for your teeth in a manner that is not too uncomfortable or distressing. Taking care of any teeth dilemmas promptly and getting routine checkups at Dr. Amy’s Thousand Oaks Dental Office is the greatest method to prevent long term difficulties that are serious. Call today to schedule your appointment!